Forensic Diversion

The Floyd County Community Corrections Forensic Diversion Program is targeted to non violent felons who have been identified with mental illness. This includes addictive disorders that can be assisted by providing community treatment and other services addressing mental health and addiction issues. This is a pre/post conviction program.

Forensic Diversion Program Overview:

  • Program duration is a minimum of 18 months.
  • Clients to submit to a “risk assessment” to determine needs.
  • Clients to submit to drug screens.
  • Program Fee of $25.00 per month.
  • Clients to meet with Forensic Diversion Program Manager on a weekly basis.
  • Clients to appear before the presiding Judge on a regular basis to be determined by the Judge and Program manager.
  • Clients shall be evaluated by a mental health provider.
  • Clients to provide documentation of mental health appointments and addiction/meetings.

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