About Floyd County Community Corrections

In 1979 the General Assembly of Indiana established the legal basis for community corrections with IC 11-12.with the first program starting in 1981.

IC 11-12-1- Purpose:

The purpose of the Community Corrections Section is to assist the Indiana Department of Correction in fulfilling its mission by establishing and operating community corrections programs that prevent crime or delinquency, divert offenders from the Indiana Department of Correction, and provide programs for committed offenders and/or persons ordered to participate in community corrections as a condition of probation in accordance with IC 11-12.

Floyd County Community Corrections:

Floyd County Community Corrections was established in 1985. The program originally started with Community Alternative Sentencing Program and Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP).

The program strives to enhance the coordination of the local criminal and juvenile justice systems as well as to divert non-violent offenders from incarceration. The target population for adult programs is non-violent offenders sentenced to not more than 4 years.

Funding is received from the Department of Corrections through the State Community Corrections Act. Additional funding is received from user fees and local grants.

The state statute requires that an Advisory Board be established to oversee the Community Corrections program. This Advisory Board consists of the Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, Judges, the Mayor, and other persons required by statute. The board's responsibility is to ensure program compliance with standards adopted by the Department of Corrections.

Floyd County Community Corrections, 1613 E. Spring St. Suite 3,  New Albany, Indiana 47150 Phone: 812-948-5418 Fax: 812-948-4709